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Aqist is able to provide and deliver IT services from its customers through design, implementation to operation as well as the complete outsourcing of information systems and services.

We can deliver services individually, tailored to the customer’s needs or as an entire  package of IT services.

Delivery of Billien product line software

Aqist offers for its clients comprehensive modular solutions from the Billien product line.

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Custom software development

Aqist is dedicated to custom software development. We particularly focus on creating complex software solutions for large-scale information systems in energy and utility companies. When designing custom software, we work with renowned companies to help us deliver all  our client’s needs, even beyond the scope of product delivery.

Support and service

Our responsibility does not end with delivering the information system. Aqist also deals with the support and maintenance of delivered information systems.



Consultations and trainings

IT outsourcing

Under IT outsourcing, we mean providing the aforesaid services without client-side staff and furthermore:

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