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Distribution System Operators

A distribution system or network operator ensures the distribution of energy in the form of natural gas or electricity to final customers at delivery points. The role of the distribution system operator is primarily electricity distribution, the distribution system development, energy equipment rental and the management of designated measuring devices. The distribution network operator shall ensure the sale of distribution capacities, development activities, operation and maintenance of the gas distribution network.

AQIST solution for distribution system operators

Aqist offers the comprehensive BillienDistribution modular solution, which represents an efficient and flexible solution customizable according to the requirements of a particular distribution company and covers all its key business processes:

In addition to business market processes, Aqist offers through its partners solutions for geographic information systems, workforce management as well as enterprise ERP systems.

Current challenges

Distribution system and network operators are currently facing ongoing regulatory changes in a regulated environment, the needs for technological changes in the distribution network in connection with the decentralization of production and the development of smart grids, news requirements by end customers and energy traders and, in addition, pressures to streamline operation and optimize costs.

Why BillienDistribution
BillienDistribution is a sectoral solution built on the Billien platform offering a number of key benefits:

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