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Transmission System Operators

A transmission system or transport network operator provides the transport of energy in the form of natural gas or electricity. The role of the transmission system operator in the wholesale electricity market is to manage real-time electricity grid safety as well as coordinate supply and demand for electricity in a way that prevents frequency fluctuations or supply disruptions. The transport network operator shall support the functioning of the internal market and the cross-border trade in natural gas and ensure the optimal management, coordinated operation and technical development of the transport networks.

The AQIST solution for the operators of transmission systems / transport networks

Aqist offers a comprehensive modular solution, BillienTransmission, which represents an efficient and flexible solution customizable according to the requirements of a particular company and covers all of its key business processes:

In addition to business market processes, through its partners Aqist offers solutions for geographic information systems, workforce management as well as internal ERP systems.

Current challenges

Transmission system and transport network operators are currently facing ongoing regulatory changes in a regulated environment at the national and transnational level, the needs for technological changes in the network in connection with decentralization of production, the development of smart grids, a change in the structure of production resources, requirements to continuously increase interconnection of markets and, in addition, pressures to streamline operation and optimize costs.

Why BillienTransmission
BillienTransmission is a sectoral solution built on the Billien offering a number of key benefits:

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